March 21, 2021

Academia, once a forum for examination and exchange of ideas, has become a closed system, a closed minded community defined by sacred progressive values. Reading the inane policy statement of academia or of liberal democrats brings Alice in Wonderland to mind. The new JCCC President recently stated the number one goal for the college: Establish a culture of holistic diversity, equity and inclusion.  Organized religions seems to be going along.  I read that the Arkansas Conference of the United Methodist Church is sponsoring a program by one Shanterra McBride of on diversity and inclusion in the Church.

We may smile at such jargon or gobbledegook until we realize  the message is a coded admonition for white society to acquiesce to blacks, even if they are a menace to society. George Floyd was killed while resisting arrest and a court gave his family $27 million dollars in spite of his police record that included 6 burglaries, 3 car thefts, 3 armed robberies, beating four victims senseless, and being arrested 23 times. The left has made a martyr of a monster. What are we to make of all this nonsense?

The border between the left and dementia has always been narrow, now it seems, like the Cheshire Cat to have disappeared leaving only a floating sardonic grin.  Their impaired president is running the country and our institutions of higher education are focused not on education, but on holistic diversity.   "Curiouser and curiouser! cried Alice.