The Medieval and the Modern Mind



Michelangelo's Flood


During the Middle Ages people were told by religious leaders that natural calamities were due to sin. God sent floods, droughts, earthquakes and such to punish our misbehavior. We should repent, mend our ways and support the Church with our obedience and financial contributions, a tithe please.


                          Starving  Polar Pear 

Now days we are told by certain politicians that global warming/climate change, which will soon flood our cities and bring drought to farms, is due to our capitalist economic system, use of fossil fuels, and racism. We should mend our ways and support the Democrat Party with our votes, obedience, and campaign donations, please.



When I look at the art, I think I shall go with the Church's vision.



virgin hil
 Antonello  Messina,  The Virgin Annunciate (Palazzo Abatellis, Palermo) The Democrat Party, The Medusa (Washington, D.C.)