"Before enlightenment chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment chop wood and carry water."

                                                                       -Zen Proverb

"Get a chain saw and a water pump, boy." - Arkansas Grandpa



Oops, I may have accidentally blocked the door to the mother-in-law suite.
chop wood

                  Three dote red oaks yielded almost three cords or five ricks of wood.  -JJ
                                                                                                                 -Spring, 2013
speing2014 15
Next, same place in the Spring of 2014 Ready for winter of 2015-16.



Fire wood for the  winter of  '16-'17. The stack is not so straight and there was less red oak to work with, elm does not split true. That said, the far from perfect cord of wood might also be due to the unpleasant fact that I will turn eighty in 2017.
Ready for winter of 2017-18. The gourds will dry for a few months, then I will attempt to find something to do with them. One plant produced 93 gourds.