June 21, 2023

The first day of summer - I awoke to the moon and Venus in the dawn sky. Long ago I would have crawled out of bed and bowed nine times to Venus. This morning I  rolled over for another cat nap.

Later in the morning, on the last page of some food magazine, I read  an interview with Dolly Parton. She was asked what three persons she would invite to her dream dinner party. She choose Jesus, Elvis, and Martin Luther King. She would ask Jesus to bless the meal and would serve him milk and honey. Peanut and banana sandwich for Elvis and BBQ ribs for King.

The question of a dream dinner party has been around for a while; just give it a go on Google. One interesting response I came across was: Pol Pot, Hitler, Stalin, Kim Jong Il and a translator… Not sure about the menu for that bunch as Hitler was a vegan. Stalin, fearing poisoning, ate canned sardines and I think Bai sach chrouk (pork and rice) is big in Cambodia. I would not attend that party.

I thought it over and decided on:

Roberto Calasso

Harold Bloom

Kenneth Clark

My reason for this selection is simple. All of those men supported and contributed to Western Civilization. The were all generals in the struggle to preserve civilization.  I was no more than a foot soldier in the trenches of higher education. I did fight the good fight against the forces of darkness and chaos, but, alas, I fear the battle is lost. Sad.

As to the menu, I think my seafood gumbo, bread from Paul's in Paris, and several bottles of Louis Latour Puligny-Montrachet 2020.

Then,  Rémy Martin XO and leather chairs around a grand fireplace.