I. James the Less is a figure of early Christianity, one of the Twelve chosen by Jesus. He is also called "the Minor", "the Little", "the Lesser", or "the Younger", according to translation. He is not to be confused with James, son of Zebedee.
Died: 62 AD, Ostrakine
Parents: Mary, mother of James
Sibling: Matthew the Apostle

II. James, son of Alphaeus was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus, appearing under this name in all three ofthe Synoptic Gospels' lists of the apostles.
Venerated in‎: ‎Roman Catholic Church‎, ‎Anglican ...
Born‎: ‎c. 1st century BC; ‎Galilee‎, ‎Judaea‎, Roman ...
Died‎: ‎c. 62 AD; ‎Jerusalem‎, ‎Judaea‎, Roman

III. James the Just, or a variation of James, brother of the Lord, was the brother of Jesus, according to the New Testament. He was an early leader of the Jerusalem Church of the Apostolic Age, to which Paul was also affiliated. He died in martyrdom in 62 or 69 AD.
Born: Nazareth, Israel
Died: 62 AD, Jerusalem, Israel
Siblings: Jude, brother of Jesus, Simon
Parents: Alphaeus, (Jerome believed that the "brothers" of the Lord were Jesus' cousins, thus amplifying the doctrine of perpetual virginity. Jerome concluded that James "the brother of the Lord", (Galatians 1:19) is therefore James, son of Alphaeus, one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus, and the son of Mary Cleophas)

IV. James the Great also known as James, son of Zebedee and Saint James the Greater, was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus according to the New Testament.
James is described as one of the first disciples to join Jesus.
Born: Bethsaida
Died: 44 AD, Jerusalem, Israel The site of martyrdom is located within the Armenian Apostolic Cathedral of St. James in the Armenian Quarter of Jerusalem.
The Chapel of St. James the Great, located to the left of the sanctuary, is the traditional place where he was martyred,
when King Agrippa ordered him to be beheaded (Acts 12:1-2). His head is buried under the altar, marked by a piece of red marble and surrounded by six votive lamps.
Saint James is the patron saint of Spain and, according to legend, his remains are held in Santiago de Compostela in Galicia