evelyn wilson Ruth Wilson
Evelyn Wilson (above left), Ruth Wilson (above right)

Edwin Wilson (right) caption probably by Mamie, "Thinken of what might have been" -  The image may have been taken on the front porch of the J.S. Wilson home. If so, a few years later Edwin will die in a tent located in the yard under the tree just behind him. He contracted an illness serving as a Presbyterian missionary in Korea.

(This is Thomas Watt Jackson's Grandparent's grave. My great-great grandparents.) John N. JACKSON died on 7th October 1884 ~ aged 82 years, and is buried in the Pleasant Springs Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Kemper County, MS. His wife, formerly Mary Stevens died on 22 September 1894 ~ aged 80 years, and was buried with her husband at the Pleasant Springs Presbyterian Cemetery in Kemper Co.

Thomas Edwin Wilson 1886-1917

Edwin Wilson

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