jim wilson (left to right) Beck Morgan, Jim  Wilson, Briant Trotter, and bird dog.
From the cars I guess the date is the late 1920's.
Greens Aloise Wilson Green & Wilson Green. Grassy Lake, 1950s
Emma Wilson with Presbyterian Church in the background. circa 1949 emma
Mannon Manton Wilson, Korea.
newsclip They were married in 1875, so this would be 1933. The five living children would be Manton, Jim, Joe, Charlie, and Mamie. Who is the nephew Edwin Wilson mentioned? fishfishback
(right) Jim Wilson on the porch of his and Emma's home in Columbus. The home was moved to Washington and renamed the Brunson Home for the man who married the owner. jimw
The caption for the image: "What?"  "What?"
Mamie and brother Edwin. Location: J.S. Wilson home. The porch behind was turned into a bedroom; I slept there for a while..

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