1 August 21

"Evil can ensconce itself in the very substance of the good, leading to profound spiritual, theological moral and political corruption, though a terrible, demonic or satanic falsification of the good. This is the most insidious path that evil can take, since it insinuates evil in the very heart of goodness. It thus poses a grave spiritual temptation for all men of good will."

                                                                                                                -  Vladimir Soloviev

Our country, like all countries, faces problems and challenges. Untrained in economics or climatology, I have nothing to say about either topic. As an informed citizen of this country I do have grounds for offering opinions about dangers, evil or not, I see inside our society.  There are two problems that worry me the most.

Entryism is the old Trotsky method* employed by the radical left (Like Communism, Fabianism and Fascism, modern liberalism was born of a class of politically naive intellectuals.) to destroy democracy and the capitalist economic system.  By infiltrating then controlling the universities (via institutional inertia), mass media and political machines, a minority has ended up with the most political power. That the method of Entryism is not talked of any more shows how little people understand what is happening. The Leftist who have taken over education, mainstream media, social media, and politics now are using the divide and conquer method.  Under the guise of humanism and equality they bring in hoards of aliens, promote critical race theory,** weaken the police, expand the welfare state, and promote PC; all undermining the foundations of our society. 

The liberal left leaders (Can we assume the followers are either misguided or opportunist?), both here and in Western Europe, are on a mission to destroy Western Civilization*** and are very well on their way. So, should every level headed defender of the Constitution and Western Civilization arm themselves with an AK-47, take to the barricades, and target Democrats?  I think not; they are our neighbors. Perhaps the solution is to let Progressivism run its course. If their leaders loose support, their plan fails.  Our only hope, faint as it may be, is that centrist liberals recognize their policies are failing and change course. 

The second problem, linked to the first, is our lack of social cohesion, fissiparousness.

In 1989 at a professional conference in Bonn a German official made a comment about the US that has stayed with me. "What will hold you together? Hamburgers?" The second threat to this society is our lack of a collective identity. Once we were a nation of responsible citizens and now we are consumers with imagined rights and selfish attitudes.   As our society slowly unravels, I ask myself the same question: What can hold us together?  The liberal demand for diversity promotes the danger of fragmentation. Certainly we must respect individual and cultural differences, but that path can also lead to balkanization and tribalism.

In conclusion, whether or not we have reached the point of no return in our decline remains to be seen. If not, it can not be far away. Liberals believe their policies will transform the US into a resemblance of modern Denmark. What they will get is something closer to Venezuela.


"La plus belle des ruses du diable est de vous persuader qu'il n'existe pas."

                                                            - Charles Baudelaire

* This concept is not unique to Trotsky. For example:

American liberals adopted a culture-wide offensive strategy after 1865, a long-term strategy of institutional infiltration and capture. Three institutions were the primary targets of this strategy: the college, the judiciary, and the Church. I have called this strategy capturing the robes. These three institutions have long possessed enormous influence in American life. All three are marked publicly by the wearing of black robes on formal occasions. In the West, three groups wear robes: judges, university professors, and ordained ministers.
... These groups did everything they could to capture the leadership of each group, in order to mold public opinion. They have been remarkably successful in their efforts.
We might also call this process "capturing the minds." It is incorrect to say that a man is what he eats. It is also incorrect to say that a man is what he owns. No, a man is what he thinks, what he truly believes in. Shape his thinking, and you can manipulate the man. Shape the thinking of the spokesmen of the activist minority in any society, and you can manipulate that society (within shifting limits historically, of course The liberals’ strategy has worked exceptionally well. They have captured the nation. -Historian Gary North on the 'liberalizing' of the Presbyterian Church and the entire culture.

Critical race theory is an explicitly left-wing movement based on the thinking of an Italian neo-Marxist, Antonio Gramsci

***According to George Orwell there are seven paths leading to totalitarianism: undermining liberty, molding language to fit political ideology, twisting the truth, suppressing history, denying Nature, propagating hate, and aspiring to a universal state.