Dragons II

And on Down

sl  Tiamat, Mother of the Babylonian gods, chased and killed by Marduk, god of order. Tiamat represented chaos, a threat to the male dominated governments of ancient Babylon. Her body was used to fashion the universe.   -Epic of Gilgamesh
ds  Dragon on the Ishtar Gate which led to the inner city of Babylon (575 B.C.) during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar II. (Berlin)
Ladon Dragons are usually independent, but they will obey goddesses. Here Athena rescues Jason who was attempting to filch the fleece.
medea   Medea assisted Jason by drugging the Dragon Ladon  to secure the Golden Fleece. Here she makes a get-a-way in a dragon powered chariot. (5th century BC vase painting)

 Medea is one of the few humans that ever tamed a dragon, much less a pair of them.