Are you a city slicker or a country bumpkin?


Give yourself 1 point for each "Yes" answer

    Yes No
1. Have you encountered at close range a poisonous snake (not in a zoo) within the last three years?    
2. Can you  immediately distinguish between a wood boring bee and a bumble bee?    
3. Are you able to identify an animal with rabies? If yes, do you know what to do?    
4. Have you encountered ground nesting yellow jackets in the last five years?    
5. Do  you know what instrument(s) is helpful in delivering a calf?    
6. Do you always carry a  pocket knife?    
7. Have you ever been coon hunting?    
8. Do you know always which direction is north without consulting a compass?    
9. Can you remove a tick from your skin without breaking off its head?    
10. Have you ever been tossed from the back of a horse?    
11. Can you dress a cat fish?  (double points)    
12. Have you ever been swimming in a creek or a cow pond?    
13. Have you ever picked up pecans off the ground and put them in your pocket?    
14. Have you ever been frog gigging?    
15. Have you ever castrated a bull calf or had an unpleasant experience with a calf with scours?  (double points)    
16. Do you own at lest one pair of overalls?    
17. Do you know where Roy Acuff mostly performed?    
18. Can you distinguish a red oak tree from a white oak tree?    
19. Can you operate a hay bailer?    
20. Have you ever been stung by fire ants?    
21. Did you once own a blue FFA jacket?    


23         You probably willingly leave the farm only to attend the county fair or the Farm Bureau banquet.

16-22    True country boy.

13-15    Not your first rodeo.

10-12    Your first rodeo?

4-9        City slicker, bless your heart.

0-3.      You probably think bacon originates at the grocery store. Best for you not to venture beyond the city limits.