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maple in spring  A Japanese Maple in Spring

and December 2021
                                                         Catalpa Sphinx Moth sphinx
chess The hand made chess set was a gift from John Vesey, Mayor of Hope in the 1930's. The Holsum Bread box was from Grandpa Wilson's store, also from the 1930's. The two sofas I made from red oak cut on the place.
                          The little guys appraise a quiche quiche
tea house                                  The Tea House in Winter
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November 11, 2017

 About twenty years ago Victoria and I were driving in Brittany and happened to stop in small town where an Armistice Day service was just underway. I parked the car and indicated we should join in but Vicky thought we would be intruding. I remarked we intruded in WWI and saved their bacon, then walked over to the town square and joined the other spectators. There were some old guys wearing uniforms lined up before the memorial inscribed with the names of the soldiers from that town who died in both WWI and II. The maire placed a wreath on the memorial and the band played "La Marseillaise". I joined in, faking the words. I don't remember the name of the town.

This sunrise was late January 2021.