James McIntosh Patrick

( 1907-1998) A Scottish painter, noted or his finely observed paintings of the Angus landscape and Dundee, where he lived for most of his life.


stobo kirk

                                                                                   Stobo Kirk,  1939

Unlike many other Roman Catholic churches which were destroyed  during the Reformation, Stobo, near Glasgow, has  retained much of the original 12th-century character, including windows, nave and chancel,  The tower was raised above first-floor level in the 16th century, and further major restoration was carried out in the 19th  and 20th centuries.
The altarstone in Stobo Kirk on which Merlin was converted to Christianity

Legend has it that St Kentigern converted Myrddin Wyllt (Merlin Sylvestris) or Merlin (the wizard associated with King Arthur) to Christianity and baptized him.  Merlin had fled to the forest after Gwenddoleuhad been defeated and killed at the battle of Arderydd near Arthuret in 573.

glamis village
                                                     Glamis Village, 1939


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