Jane Agnes Smyth

Jane Agnes

 (September 24,  1837 Louisville, Mississippi -  June 26, 1926  Brooksville, Mississippi)

She married Thomas Jackson (1831-1862) and they had one son Thomas Watt Jackson (1861 - 1957).  Her husband was captured at the Battle of Shiloh and died a prisoner of war in St Louis. After the war, she married Lt. Col. John Archibald Jacoway (CSA) and moved from Mississippi to Dardnell, Arkansas.

Jacoway was shot in the leg by a carpet bagger while guarding his home in Dardnell and  died of gangrene in November, 1874.  She then moved back to Mississippi and subsequently married Dr. George Woodward. Woodward had a daughter, Mattie Olive, who eventually married her step brother Thomas Watt Jackson. Their nine children included Ralph Edwin Jackson (1896 - 1983), my father.


Stag by Jane Agnes Jackson
displayed in the home of her great grandson Robert M. Jackson


tom jackson Jane Agnes Jackson's son, Thomas Watt Jackson