Roberto Calasso


"Every attempt to establish an order in whatever area of life, however small or large, is always insufficient, impermanent. Every order is opposed to the normal state of things, where entropy is ever at work, ever invincible. Yet every attempt to establish an order invites us, forces us, to posit something on which all else depends."

"From the beginning, observing the sky and the overwhelming multiplicity of forms, human though sought to pick out a kosmos, a small order of forms, with respect to the whole range of those other possibilities that it did not contain, usually exemplified by the Milky Way, that part of the sky whose single constituent elements cannot be separated out. There can be no gods, no God, unless connected to those words that indicate an order. Divinity itself is inseparable from those words. What much later came to be understood  with the term science is just our most recent attempt to articulate an order that had already been spoken of  with many other names. All endlessly open, provisional, unsettled. All indispensable if some form of life was to keep going. The figure of the  Messiah is the shadow one glimpses behind the perennial breaches in order."

                                                                                                                                                             - The Book of all Books, p. 285