30 minutes of life in a rural setting.


Nut grass that I hoed a day or so ago had grown back, so I hoed it yet again and pulled more soil up next to the young blue corn plants. Then I climbed into the golf care and drove the short distance to the big pond behind the cabin. The water had cleared from the last rain and looked  perfect.  The bass had not been active for the last week, but today I caught and released four nice size ones in just a few minutes. On the way back I noticed a blue bird near the new box I constructed in the winter and nailed to a 4X4 that supports one corner of the wood shed. I  found a length of barbwire and wound it around the 4X4 below the nest to keep chicken snakes away from the fledglings; the blue birds responded by several  times buzzing my head.  Finally, I parked the golf cart near a raised bed and noticed that a pepper plant was broken. Nearby was  a pile of goose poop. The two geese do what they can to spite my gardening efforts (two weeks ago they pulled up half a row of corn) and I respond by shooting them in the butt with a bb pistol, temporarily driving them out of the yard.  The war with the geese has gone on for years and there will not be a winner.